One of the most crucial decisions you can make as an immigrant is to find a reliable immigration lawyer. The reason for this is that the immigration process can be very excruciating and overwhelming. 

Nowadays, there are thousands of immigration lawyers available in the United States. This can make it hard for you to find the right one that can handle your case properly. Luckily, we’re here to help.  

Here are a couple of factors to consider when you’re searching for an immigration lawyer in Orlando, Florida


In immigration, honesty is very crucial. That is why you should hire a lawyer that is very honest. It will be great if you steer clear of any immigration lawyer who recommends lying and dishonesty. Aside from being unethical, it can also greatly lower your possibilities of success if the immigration officer discovers your lies.  

Individual Preferences 

Also, you need to think about your individual preferences when choosing the correct immigration lawyer. That is why aspects like gender, language, and race might come into play. Professionals recommend that you work with a lawyer you’re comfortable with.  


The location of your immigration attorney is not as vital as the other factors mentioned in this article. Keep in mind that immigration, in nature, is strictly federal. Thus, it’s almost the same in all states. However, location is important for your convenience.  

Commitment to Results and Clients 

You might feel more at ease if you work with a lawyer fluent in your language if you aren’t a native English speaker. A reliable lawyer will clearly explain everything. They will be honest with you as well. They won’t simply tell you what you want to hear. They’ll share with you everything important.  


A couple of law firms practice a lot of forms of law. A lawyer who mainly focuses on immigration law has a higher level of expertise compared to general practitioners.  Aside from that, they will also be always up-to-date on the latest changes in the industry. The size of the law firm is also crucial to guarantee you obtain the personal attention of a lawyer.  

Keep in mind that immigration consultants aren’t considered lawyers. They only help in completing forms. For those who don’t know, applying for citizenship or a visa isn’t just about filling forms. If you hire a consultant, he or she will not be able to represent you if any issue occurs during the process.  


Experience is vital when it comes to obtaining results and explaining your options. It’s best to hire an immigration lawyer who is a member of the AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Association). It’s perhaps the best source of updated information for immigration lawyers.  

Also, it’s a wise move to seek a strong reference from a colleague, friend, or family member. Immigration law is extremely complicated. You need to ensure that your lawyer has a lot of experience when it comes to immigration cases. Keep in mind that every case is not the same. Thus, an experienced lawyer will know how to handle different types of cases.