It is a common stuff that we see doormats at home. It could be located or placed inside the house after the door or it could be also put outside the door. That is fine to have two on both sides. We all know that using this kind of small carpet could help you when it comes to removing some of the dirt from the feet or from the footwears that we usually wear like the slippers, sketchers, shoes and even to our barefoot. In this way, muds and wet shoes would be able to be absorbed first by the doormat before entering the main house inside. It would be a good idea as well for many to reduce the dust and sands on the ground of the house or else you would spend so much time using the vacuum and soft broom in cleaning the house. Doormats can be the most useful tool to protect and reduce the dirt from getting inside of our home. You can buy this everywhere and anywhere in the supermarket. It is not expensive as well. Cleaning this one could not be very difficult and hard as like carpet cleaning that you would need to spend so much time in brushing and rinsing it. Here are some of it. 


  1. We can replace out doormat with a new one if you found that it is dirty and you can wash and scrub it so that the dirt will be removed. You can put as much as you can. You have it in all your doors including the bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.  
  2. House owners would place them in the kitchen to reduce the dirt and of course when you are washing the dishes. There would be a time that the water would sprinkle or get down on the floor. It would be very easy to give an immediate action in cleaning the spilled water by putting the mat there. Same thing with using a doormat outside the bathroom’s door. It would help you to absorb the water and wetness from your slipper. In this manner, it would not be wet when you walk down to the living room or to your bedroom.  
  3. Other would put two doormats because it would help them to screen the dirt well. There would be the first and the second chance to remove the dirt from the shoes or slippers.  
  4. It would be a good choice to use and have a wider and longer one. This will help to cater more and when the person stamps his footwear, they can have enough space for each.  
  5. For the doormat outside the house. You could use different kinds and made of. There are some available one that is made of rubber and some are from hard objects or with bristles. They can be a good doormat outside the house especially for shoes as it could remove so much dirt than the plain cloth only.